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Why Auto Apply for Jobs?

Save Time

Apply & tracking dozens of job openings take a lot of time & effort that you can put to  prepare    for interview.

Expand Job Search

We apply to wider  range of job openings so that you don't miss out on any lucrative openings

Say No to Anxiety

We understand the anxiety you go through when applying to multiple jobs. Say no anxiety and get started with your job search

How it works


1.  Understand your career goals

We sit down together and understand your career goals, and define the roles you’re looking to get hired in.


3.  Build ATS-proof resume, cover letter & LinkedIn Profile

Your resume shows how competent you are for the job. We make sure that your resume, cover letter & LinkedIn tells your story properly.


2.  Find suitable job openings for you

After we locked in what job roles to apply for, we will find 30 relevant job openings for you & get it approved from you


4.  Take professional follow-ups & hand over interview list 

After applying to 30 openings, we take follow-ups every 4 days and hand over shortlisted interviews on a Google Sheet. 

Here's how your Job Search will look like

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 3.17.11 PM.png

Pay as you need

Let's have a free 15 min zoom call & get started.
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