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Helping professionals get their dream job

Finding your dream job isn’t easy. We can help you get that.

Check the boxes if you’ve gone through this

If you’ve checked any one of the boxes, let's work together to get your dream job.

Why getting your dream job feels difficult?

Hesitant to take help for job search

We take all forms of training for staying fit & acing exams, why not take professional help for getting your dream job?

Job Candidate

Every effort is an experiment

Random efforts & unplanned job applications won’t help you fetch your dream job. Chalk out the roles you’re targeting & then start your job search

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No training for searching & applying to jobs

We are trained for the skills we need in our job but never trained on how to get those jobs. 

Job interviews

Jobs on job boards are just the tip of the iceberg.

Only 30% of the jobs posted are on the job boards. In our experience, people usually don’t widen their scope of finding job openings and limit themselves to known job boards.


How do we help get you your dream job?

Want 30 interviews in 15 days? Download this strategy calendar

Looking for a custom service? We got you covered!

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Resume & Cover Letter


Linkedin Optimization


Interview Preparation

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PPT/Video Resume

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Europass and CV

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Website Portfolio

Our clients are our patrons. Let’s hear them out.


Apurva Chinchkhede

Durgesh has a very proactive approach to building a Resume. He made me understand all the minor technicalities and helped me build a professional Resume.

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Anayasha Thoolkar

I have been in touch with the team for a while now and Resume it up helped me build my Resume for universities abroad. With the refined expertise and genuine guidance I got acceptance from top universities around the world.


Ravi Shankar

Resume It Up understands you and your aspirations and helps you in the best way possible.

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