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A 3-hour workshop where you will learn how to find relevant job openings, get an interview everytime you apply and stay updated with all the activities of your industry.

3-hour workshop

Live Workshop

₹499 only

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Hi, I am Baldev Singh Rawat, a educator and an MBA from Babson College,Boston.

I help people achieve their career goals and ambitions since 2013, and have conducted job hunting, resume writing and interview preparation workshops across India, and helped
20000+ people in hunting for their desired jobs.

What will you learn in this workshop?

Understand the job searching process for you

Learn how to specifically search for the jobs in your industry and function.

Get an interview call everytime you apply for the job

Know how you can get an interview call whenever you apply for a new job.

Build a system to stay updated on your industry

Learn to create a system to stay updated with all the relevant job openings, news and changes in your industry.

Who should attend this workshop?

Young professionals who are finding it difficult to get a relevant job

Senior professionals who are looking for the next big opportunity or switching careers

College professors who want to help their students with job hunting

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