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5 reasons why you're not getting your dream job

Getting a dream job needs a proper strategy and thorough preparation. With vague efforts and no strategy, you won’t get much ahead in getting your dream job. Here are 5 reasons why you aren’t getting your dream job.

#1: Not setting up alerts on job portals

Being updated with the openings will help you be an early applicant & will make you understand the skills and requirements companies are looking for. In this way, you can prepare for the skills you need to have to apply for your dream companies.

#2: Not applying to jobs regularly

Applying to jobs gives you confidence, and acquaints you with the entire process of applying, writing a resume for the job description and giving an interview. Applying to these jobs warms you up to face the application process for your dream jobs.

#3: You don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet

To get your dream job, you need to connect with professionals who can help you with referrals. LinkedIn is the platform where professionals connect, network and share knowledge, updates & job postings. So, if you want to clinch that dream job, you must create a LinkedIn profile and start networking with relevant industry professionals.

#4: You don’t attend networking events regularly

Attending networking events gives you facetime with potential recruiters and founders. An in-person meeting leaves more impact on the recruiter/founder than any online communication. You can connect with them and ask them for references when there’s an opening in your desired company.

#5: You don’t have a professional resume

A resume helps you get an opportunity for the interview. A professionally written resume with all the required keywords and proper formatting helps the recruiter & ATS read it properly and shortlist you for the interview. Create a resume with proper formatting, necessary keywords and skills as per the job description.

If you need any help with getting your dream job, be it creating a professional resume, building a proper LinkedIn profile, or writing a convincing cover letter, get started with Resume It Up. At Resume It Up, we help students, young and experienced professionals represent themselves better in their absence. To book a free resume review, DM us here.

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