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5 tips to get your resume across the ATS.

A lot of times we don’t hear back from companies after applying for a job, one of the reasons could be that your resume may not be ATS compliant.

What is ATS?

ATS stands for Application Tracking System, a software used by organizations to filter out job applications or resumes for a job opening. For example, ATS can filter Amazon Expert from a pool of Marketing profiles.

Here are 5 tips you can use to make your resumes ATS compliant.

Tip#1: Use chronology for experience

ATS likes to see your most recent work experiences first, so make sure you arrange your work experience from the most to least recent.

Tip#2: Avoid unnecessary words

ATS likes the use of straightforward and to-the-point language in the resume. Don’t use words like “where I studied” or “where I worked” instead of “education” or “work experience”.

Tip#3: Add job-related keywords

Read and re-read the job description you’re applying to, and add the keywords that you think an HR will use to filter applications using ATS.

Tip#4: Use ATS-friendly templates

There are tons of ATS-friendly templates available on the internet that you can use to write your resume. No need to add graphs or tables, ATS is unable to read these.

Tip#5: Use fonts that are easy to read

ATS is able to read the fonts that are more universally used such as Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri.

If you found these tips useful, don’t forget to save them & share them with a friend.

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