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6 things we can improve on our resume

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

A lot of times when we apply for a job, we don’t hear back from the company because of our resume. Here are 6 things we can improve on our resume.

#1: Use legible fonts.

Many people choose fonts that are either very heavy to read or are totally unprofessional. Use fonts like Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman that look professional and are easy to read.

#2: Proofread your resume

Before sending out your resume, make sure that you get your resume proofread. A small grammatical or spelling error leaves a bad impression. Get others to proofread your resume, and if you want, we can proofread your resume.

#3: Use a quick-to-scan resume format

With a ton of resumes to go through for the recruiter, use a resume format such that the recruiter gets all your necessary details in a few seconds.

#4: Make a custom resume for each job application

Make sure that you create a custom resume for the job application you’re applying for. DO NOT make a single resume for all the job applications.

#5: Use good action words in your resume

Instead of using generic words like connected, handled, assisted, took (part) etc. use some action words like spearheaded, responsible, collaborated, led etc.

#6: Use keywords from your job description

Read the job description before applying, pick up some keywords that you think you should have, and include them in your resume.

At Resume It Up, we help you build a resume by understanding your professional goals. We take great pride in the progress and success of our clients. You can check our services page to know more.

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