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Types of resume you can create to easily get an interview

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The purpose of a resume is to show all the details about us to the recruiter in a presentable format. The problem people usually face while applying for jobs is not getting enough responses for an interview. It mostly happens because the recruiters receive a lot of document style resumes with similar details, it gets exhausting for the recruiter to select resumes for an interview.

Grabbing the attention of the recruiter is crucial to get an interview or even a response. Creating a resume in a crisp, precise and catchy format increases the chances to get an interview. Here are 3 ways to create a unique resume that might increase the chance of getting a job interview:

PPT Resume

You can make a resume in a PowerPoint presentation format. It is a more visual format than the traditional document resume, which makes it easier to communicate complex ideas, as ‘a Picture speaks a thousand words’. There are tons of templates out there to create a professional PPT resume. You can check this website for well-designed PPT resume templates, both in Google Slides and PowerPoint formats.

Video Resume

A video resume is a brief video where you introduce yourself and your work to the recruiter. It can be sent along with a document resume or just a cover letter. A video resume opens the third dimension for showcasing things not possible in a document. It is more interactive, engages the recruiters, and shows the effort you took to apply for the job. You can script your video resume in an engaging and crisp format so that the recruiter can get to know you in a short span. You can edit and enhance your video resume on websites like to make it look professional.

Often, senior professionals who apply for roles like vice president of a division in a company or creative function people like designers apply with a video resume. You can also use video resumes if you want to personalize your application or tell about yourself extensively.

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is by far the best way of presenting your work to recruiters. It gives you endless creative possibilities. You can give little information about yourself on the website and show the work such as blogs, videos or graphics you created for your past employers or clients. If you were associated with a leading brand, you can share their logo and write about your work impact. You can create thought leadership content in the form of videos, blogs or podcasts to showcase your knowledge about the industry. You can easily create your portfolio website on platforms like,, or Behance for free. Here is an example of a good portfolio website for your reference.

You can use these ideas as inspiration to create or seek assistance to build a resume. At Resume It Up, we help you build a resume by understanding your professional goals. We take great pride in the progress and success of our clients. You can check our services page to know more.

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